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Easy-read is an ergonomic book holder and document holder that allows its user to read in real comfort, without the aching hands and discomforts we usually experience holding our book open. It doubles as an outstanding 'loose copy' document holder with a number of advantages over any other product on the market. Its patented design allows the user to make instant adjustments to give the perfect reading angle, powerfully hold multiple documents of different sizes and take a tiny amount of space when not being used. Beneficial to those who love reading paper and hard backed books, sometimes for many hours, it is also invaluable to students, holding the text book or document and allowing full comfort and concentration. Easy read book stand can be used to support cook or recipe books, craft books, and sewing guides, it can be used as a car manual holder, a music stand, repair manual stand, Easy-read has amassed quite a portfolio of testimonials from people all over the world as well as comments from bookshop owners and managers with decades of experience. These have derived from both male and female and a variety of age groups, but the comment which is most significant and crops up on the most regular basis is ' I use it every day '. Consumer satisfaction is extremely high and backed up by an extraordinary level of repeat orders. The easy-read book holder and document holder makes a perfect gift to yourself or another!

Easy-read receives daily testimonials from people across the world reporting on the benefits offered by this life changing product

Easy-read is an incredibly versatile book holder and document holder designed for extensive applications. It makes the reading experience more pleasurable by taking away the discomforts which occur in the hands and arms and make their way into other parts of the body whilst holding a book open. It also acts as an exceptional 'space saving' document holder for loose copy and magazines.

Easy Read is sold all over the world and its popularity is continuing to grow.